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1. The Thinner The Air (4:56) | MP3 Clip
2. Mr. Pluto Head (7:22) | MP3 Clip
3. Secret Police (5:57) | MP3 Clip
4. The Real Me (5:59) | MP3 Clip
5. Unexpected Snow (4:00) | MP3 Clip
6. Malla At Ease (6:27) | MP3 Clip
7. Phases Of The Razor (4:29) | MP3 Clip
8. Ophelianic Mosquito (9:13) | MP3 Clip
9. Albatross (3:28) | MP3 Clip
10.Her Magnetism (7:02) | MP3 Clip
11. I Don’t Want To Haunt Your Memory (10:07) | MP3 Clip
12. Virginia’s Lament (Cliff Notes) (4:55) | MP3 Clip
13. Lotus Lantern V.7 (5:52) | MP3 Clip

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Much more than a mere rarities collection, The Blue Obscurities is the long awaited companion CD to Trance To The Sun’s majestic Urchin Tear Soda and Atrocious Virgin albums. This impressive presentation features 7 previously unreleased tracks, plus 6 out of print / hard to find treasures centered around the expressively spellbinding and cryptic vocals of Ingrid Blue. The Blue Obscurities is certain to excite long-time fans as well as awaken new discoverers.
The Blue Obscurities is released both digitally, and in a six panel eco-wallet style CD package with luxurious photos, as well as new artwork by vocalist Ingrid Blue.
Revealed here for the first time ever are three tracks recorded in ’01 for a proposed follow-up to Atrocious Virgin: “Her Magnetism” is a signature bluesy, waltzing deathrock ballad, “Mr. Pluto Head” is an up-tempo, apocalyptic prog-goth foray, while “I Don’t Want To Haunt Your Memory” is a ten minute groove epic on par with the most captivating works ever recorded by the band. Additional unreleased tunes included here are the ominous “Secret Police” (an outtake from the Urchin Tear Soda album) and the lush, 9 minute “Ophelianic Mosquito” (an outtake from the Atrocious Virgin album).

Long-time fans may recognize the witchcraft themed “Malla At Ease”, the shadowy “Phases Of The Razor”, and the cathartic “Virginia’s Lament”, these having found their way onto various compilations during the late nineties / early naughts (although it is a different, more concise mix of “Virginia’s Lament” that is presented here). Also from the realms of the previously-released-but-rare come Trance’s stunning cover of the Cocteau Twins gem “The Thinner The Air”, as well as a gorgeous downtempo shoegazer rendition of The Who’s classic “The Real Me”. The Blue Obscurities is rounded out by three instrumental works by bandleader Ashkelon Sain from the same period: the electro-ambient “Lotus Lantern V.7”, a cover of Fleetwood Mac’s 1969 chart topper “Albatross”, as well as the otherwise unreleased theme song from Ashkelon’s Myspace Page during the naught decade entitled “Unexpected Snow”.

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