Trance To The Sun: All The Covers (1995-2001) (Digital)

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When Mama Was Moth (5:25) (Cocteau Twins)
Isolation (2010 Mix) (6:18) (Joy Division)
Fade To Grey (2010 Mix) (4:16) (Visage)
Albatross (3:29) (Fleetwood Mac)
The Thinner The Air (4:56) (Cocteau Twins)
The Real Me (5:59) (the Who)
China Girl (2011 Remix) (5:31) (David Bowie)
Summertime (1:53) (George Gershwin)
The Chauffeur (5:53) (Duran Duran)
Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun (Extended Version) (6:58) (Pink Floyd)
Love Will Tear Us Apart (2010 Mix) (6:32) (Joy Division)

The late nineties and early zeroes witnessed a veritable flood of tribute albums paying homage to legends and icons from across the full spectrum of popular music. During this time period, artists from the Darkwave genre were represented heavily on compilation releases which paid tribute to their gothic, post punk, and psychedelic rock predecessors. From 1995-2001, Southern California’s Trance To The Sun made no small contribution toward this wave of re-inventionism, recording some 11 cover versions of classic, time honored tunes.

And it is with a renewed interest in the reinterpretations of works by classic artists such as Joy Division, Pink Floyd and so forth that Projekt Records compiles All The Covers 1995-2001, showcasing the complete collection of cover versions by Trance To The Sun.

Presented here are the two recordings which started it all: Trance To The Sun’s haunting and atmospheric renditions of Joy Division’s “Isolation” and “Love Will Tear Us Apart” (recorded in 1995, and authentically re-mixed in 2010 for improved sound in the digital age). Also included are Trance To The Sun’s astonishing reworkings of Cocteau Twins’ “When Mama Was Moth” and “The Thinner The Air”, both essential to any fan’s collection of their work.

Trance To The Sun’s 1999 release Urchin Tear Soda featured their signature version of Pink Floyd’s “Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun,” and that track is reissued here in a newly restored full-length version featuring the electrifying guitar work of frequent TTTS guest member Mark Linder (also of Blade Fetish & Submarine Fleet). Linder is also featured vocally on All The Covers in an outstanding (and never before released) reproduction of Duran Duran’s “The Chauffeur,” as well as on the dance floor friendly remake of Visage’s “Fade To Grey” (presented here in crystalline re-mix form).

Trance To The Sun was critically acclaimed in their time for the originality they brought to the Darkwave genre, and nowhere is this more apparent than when they set out to reinvent The Who on “The Real Me”, Bowie on “China Girl”, or early Fleetwood Mac on the timeless instrumental “Albatross.” Regardless of whose tunes they’re re-articulating, TTTS manages to deliver an unmistakably distinctive energy and sonic sensibility all their own.


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