Black tape for a blue girl: A Teardrop Left Behind (1991, a retrospective)

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  1. The Scar of a Poet 7:28
  2. Across a Thousand Blades 3:41
  3. Tear Love From My Mind 3:00
  4. A Teardrop Left Behind 6:54
  5. The Turbulence and the Torment 5:44
  6. The Lingering Flicker 5:54
  7. Seven Days Till Sunrise 2:16
  8. The Hypocrite Is Me 8:59
  9. We Watch Our Sad-Eyed Angel Fall 5:31
  10. Beneath the Planks 4:35
  11. Hide In Yourself 3:57
  12. How Can You Forget Love? 4:12
  13. Ashes in the Brittle Air 4:03
  14. Seireenien Lumoama 3:01

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This was released in 1991 on Germany’s Hyperium Records, spanning the first five years of Blacktape’s career (four albums). It is available as the 2nd disc of the digital collection in the iTunes link, above.

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