Area: Agate Lines (a retrospective) (Digital)

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  1. Anyway
  2. Michael Writes His Parents
  3. I’ll Gather Flowers | Video
  4. Dry Spell
  5. Parachute
  6. Sympathy
  7. Filled
  8. This One
  9. With Louise
  10. Guessing Game
  11. All About Money
  12. Sisters of Mercy
  13. All There Is
  14. A Fine and Still Line
  15. Tunnel
  16. Copper

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“Effortlessly seductive, reducing odd syllables to a whisper, a sense of calm weeping from every note in spite of the articulation of loss and loneliness, confusion and incomprehension, fears and pains, yearnings and soft burnings . . . The album is a triumph of minimalism, dreamscapes gently stirred to pale life through the gentle fingering of fretboards and keyboards . . . Grasping at clouds and clinging to Gabriel’s frayed gown. A wonder.” (MELODY MAKER)

Area began in 1985 as an experiment in ethereal and ambient dream pop when Steve Jones asked Lynn Canfield and Henry Frayne to participate in a recording project. Agate Lines collects some of their best-loved recordings, from the hypnotic “Anyway” to the driving “All About Money” and the elegiac “With Louise.” The material is culled from Area’s five studio albums, and includes tracks that have not appeared elsewhere. Following Area, Lynn and Henry formed another band, The Moon Seven Times, which recorded three albums for Third Mind / Roadrunner; eventually disbanding in 1998. Lynn then formed Shotgun Wedding, with Brendan Gamble (also of M7x) and others; while Henry records under the name Lanterna, and signed with Rykodisc for an album. Shotgun Wedding disbanded, and Lynn is now writing and touring in Lynn Canfield & Hot Tub Party. Steve continues his work with the Arms of Someone New.


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