Area: White Canvas New Hope (Digital)

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  1. Disappear Here
  2. The Blue Spark
  3. Crystal
  4. Michael Writes His Parents
  5. Copper
  6. A Fine And Still Line
  7. All About Money
  8. Parachute
  9. Sincerely Charlotte
  10. White Canvas New Hope
  11. Higher Than Heaven
  12. The and The (bonus track)
  13. Father’s Day (bonus track)
  14. Sweet Revenge (bonus track)
  15. This One (bonus track)

White Canvas New Hope is the first album by Area, released in 1986 only on cassette on Champaign, IL’s Office Records. The first two tracks were the first ever recorded by Area and appeared on an Office Records compilation initially. Over the course of the album, you can hear Area coming, setting the stage for their brilliant future development.


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