The Sleep of Reason: A Logical End (CD)


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  1. Shelters are Melting
  2. the Sleep of Reason
  3. Metropolis Medley: Moloch Machine / Creation / the Alchemist
    Live at Brassy’s:
  4. I Have a Task
  5. Alabaster
  6. Monkeys & Clowns
  7. the Sleep of Reason
  8. When I’m Called Divine
  9. Achilles Scratched the Moon
  10. She Could Have Been a Dancer
  11. To Shoot Birds
  12. a Logical End
  13. the Black Harvest

Before there was black tape for a blue girl, before there even was Projekt Records, there was The Sleep of Reason. Back when groups like U2 and Echo & The Bunnymen were still underground cult bands and goth hadn’t been discovered on America’s shores, (Black Tape vocalist) Oscar Herrera’s early eighties “post-punk expressionist rock” band were developing a strong following from their Miami, Florida homebase. Now, Archive brings you A Logical End. This disc brings together the band’s original 1984 QL Records 12″ release The Sleep of Reason (returning the two tracks removed by QL for being too esoteric: “Moloch Machine / Creation”) and a successful live recording taped at Brassy’s in Cocoa Beach, FL. for a WFIT radio benefit.

“They seem influenced by British drone-rock, but they don’t have that self-pity thing. There’s a feeling of urgency and pleading, but with an edge of confidence in the singer’s voice. No hit-type tunes here, more like a mood, or a descriptive travels-in-a-strange-land soundtrack.” (OP MAGAZINE in 1984)

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