Attrition: At the Fiftieth Gate (CD)

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  1. Theme I
  2. Haydn (or mine)
  3. My Friend Is Golden
  4. Death Truck
  5. Peacemaker
  6. Two Miles Up
  7. Milano (Auto-Italian)
  8. Interlude
  9. History Man
  10. Theme II
  11. The Fiftieth Gate

  12. Haydn (or mine) 12″ remix
  13. Lady Look Now
  14. Haydn (biding time)

  15. Sideways Glance
  16. To the Devil
  17. Take Five
  18. Shotgun Dream

  19. Haydn (the final cut)

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Originally released on Antler Records, Belgium, 1988.

Bonus tracks:
12-14 from Haydn (or mine) 12″ (1988)
15-18 from Turn to Gold 12″ maxi (1989)
19 from Haydn (the final sessions) 12″ (1989)

Option magazine – USA – December 1988.
“Tense and agressive minor-key dance rock laced with thick synths, raw guitars, and dark, mysterious vocals. The solid and multi-dimensional rhythmn tracks never let you catch your breath, except during the two quasi-orchestral synth passages that open and (almost) close this album. The same band responsible for “Shrinkwrap” a few years ago, they’ve shown considerable maturity since then. Their sense of tension, dynamics, and balance set this record far apart from others in the genre.”- Allen Green

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