Attrition: The Attrition of Reason (CD)


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  1. Day I Was Born
  2. The Redoubt of Light
  3. You Will Remember Nothing
  4. Take a Walk
  5. Beast of Burden (take a walk)
  6. Behind Innocence, Lies
  7. The Decline
  8. Prayer for the Head
  9. The Next Day (bonus track)
  10. The Outer Edge (bonus track)
  11. Across the Divide (bonus track)
  12. Reflections

Attrition’s Third Mind debut. Remastered and appearing with the trademark stylish Archive packaging. Includes the entire Voice of God EP as bonus tracks! Dark and unnerving electro-horror-goth.

Guardian Newspaper – UK – August 84
“…Ethereal recorder and voices take the listener on a magical ride through Attrition dreamsleep. Mesmerizing sequences and cymbal flurries provide a sub-mantric tapestry for Martin’s growling, almost menacing voice, and for Chryss’ high echoed vocals that float across the surface of the music like the white lady floating across the misty lake of the sub-conscious. Occasionally the band burst out of their own dream with twitching, triggered rythmns and sliding synth lines that set you firmly back to the body and to the Attrition dance sound. Whether the band conjure up dream or dance, it retains it’s potency throughout – enhanced at times with studio effects and tape cut ups. the record is a mysterious, sometimes enchanting debut that leaves you looking forward to their next recordings.” – Phil Knight (…The Legendary Pink Dots)

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