Trance To The Sun: Azalean Sea (CD)

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  1. Automatic Reversal
  2. Execution of the Stars
  3. St. Constantine Naked in the Garden
  4. Memoirs of an Underwater Canyon
  5. Nostalgia for a Saturnine Angel
  6. Lower Civilization
  7. The City Filled With Sirens
  8. Counterintuitive
  9. Red Door, Black Four
  10. A Force Behind the Wheel (flashing amber mix)
  11. August Rain (volume 3)
  12. Slave
  13. Velvet Fuck
    Running Time – 72:30

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This CD brings together the most outstanding tracks from four unreleased albums made by Trance to the Sun in 1996, 1997, and 1998. A cornucopia in the work of musician Ashkelon Sain … Featuring the vocals of Zoe Wakefield, Dawn Wagner and Ingrid Blue … plus guests Eric Cooley & Dara Rosenwasser (Faith & Disease), Marc Linder (Blade Fetish) and Lucian S. Donato (Studio Necropol).

“Trance to the Sun has a truly unique sound, and “Azalean Sea” is as interesting, varied and evocative – and always unbelievably listenable – as their previous albums.” -Thomas Roche

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