Lisa Gerrard & Jules Maxwell: Burn (CD)


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1. Heleali (The Sea Will Rise) 5:49
2. Noyalain (Burn) 4:13
3. Deshta (Forever) 5:14
4. Aldavyeem (A Time To Dance) 4:37
5. Orion (The Weary Huntsman) 6:12
6. Keson (Until My Strength Returns) 4:41
7. Do So Yol (Gather The Wind) 4:30

This record began its journey more than seven years ago, when Gerrard met the Irish theatre composer. Their collaboration exploded when Gerrard and Maxwell began writing songs for The Mystery Of The Bulgarian Voices (Le Mystère des Voix Bulgares). They were later introduced to James Chapman (MAPS) and asked him to produce Burn, which represents a stunning departure for all three of them. With Lisa remaining in Australia, Jules adding keys and percussion from France, and James bringing new light to the sound from England, the three were literally worlds apart, but those worlds fused in this music. Ideas began to be generated freely, and over time a distinct sound for their work began to emerge. From

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