Spiritual Front: The Queen Is Not Dead (CD, 2CD Book, Black, Light Green or Green/Black Marbled Vinyl LP+7″)


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01 Still Ill
02 Ask
03 There is a Light that never goes out
04 How soon is now?
05 This charming Man
06 Girl afraid
07 Panic
08 Bigmouth strikes again
09 Girlfriend in a Coma
10 The Boy with the Thorn in his Side
11 Barbarism Begins at Home .
12 What Difference does it make?
13 Please, Please, Please let Me get what I want
14 Shoplifters of the World unite
15 The Queen is Dead
Bonus CD (only in the 2CD artbook version):
01 The Queen is Dead (Orchestral Version)
02 Ask (Acoustic alt. version)
03 Bigmouth strikes again (Acoustic alt. version)
04 What Difference does it make? (Orchestral Version)
05 Barbarism begins at Home (Strings version)
06 Shoplifters of the World unite (Acoustic alt. version)
07 Girl afraid (Main theme)
08 Panic (Acoustic alt. version)
09 There is a Light that never goes out (Acoustic alt. version)
10 The Boy with the Thorn in his Side (Epilogue)
11 How soon is now? (Live in the Etruscan tomb)

“The Queen is not dead” is not your average SPIRITUAL FRONT album, but then again, nothing about the Italian suicidal pop outfit has ever been lukewarm or middle of the road anyway. In fact the eighth studio full-length from the Romans is “a homage to Morrissey’s and Johnny Marr’s legendary hymns of unquestionable beauty”, according to Simone Salvatori. The band’s founder and frontman claims THE SMITHS as a major musical inspiration for every member of SPIRITUAL FRONT. The Italians recorded the album with the explicit aim to pay a respectful homage yet at the same time to stay away from cloning. Across fifteen cover tracks, which many consider sacred, the Italians stayed true to the original recordings, while pulling those songs closer to the sonic world of SPIRITUAL FRONT for example by adding strings and horn parts. Salvatori and his fellow band members, guitarist Francesco Conte and Andrea Freda on drums, are joined by bass player Daniele Raggi, a string sextet and a horn player as well as a plethora of contributions by friends, among others including vocalist Durga McBroom (PINK FLOYD, BLUE PEARL), Riccardo Galati, Filippo Marcheggiani (BANCO DEL MUTUO SOCCORSO), Michal Stepien (MGLA), Jairo Zavala (CALEXICO), King Dude, Traci Danielle (MY LIFE WITH THE THRILL KILL KULT), Riccardo Spilli (IL BALLETTO DI BRONZO) and Sasha Boole (ME AND THAT MAN).

SPIRITUAL FRONT are paying a heartfelt tribute to THE SMITHS, who have accidentally composed the soundtrack of their lives, forever bonding their greatest emotions to notes and words!

This title release in the following formats:
– Standard CD version in a digipak
– 2CD packaged in a hardback artbook
– Regular black vinyl LP + black 7″
– Light green vinyl LP + black 7″ limited to 300 copies
– Green and Black marbled vinyl LP + black 7″ limited to 200 copies

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