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1 Without the light of the sky, time is lost
2 The shadow is slow, the hour is fleeting
3 The sun from the point of view of the earth

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John W Patterson of & writes: I’ve listened several times to The chapters of the eclipse — and can quickly and assuredly recommend this as one of the finest ambient releases I have experienced in several years!! It is free of beats and percussive elements. It’s pure flowing soundscapes and is deeply relaxing. Bravo Die and Serries!!

The chapters of the eclipse reveals layers of eternity in each phase like a moon bath vitalizing luminous patches in expanded and contemplative dronescapes. The meditative and minimalist electronic ambient sky is suspended at the interval for liberation from the shadows of becoming: life in its most essential orientation.

The chapters of the eclipse is the new musical union of Italy’s Alio Die (Stefano Musso) and Belgium’s Dirk Serries (vidnaObmana) which, more than twenty years after their previous collaboration (Echo Passage, Projekt 1999), contains three compositions in a suspended airy, majestic succession. These liquid soundscapes create an elegy of pure sonic beauty.

“It offers no possibility of interpretation,” writes Musso, “because the involvement is complete, and immersion presupposes nothing more than being immediately part of the floating of the cosmos in the glow of its impersonal nature. Eight years in the making, this new creation radiates the wave that accompanies the explored space; it’s a telescope on eternity in a contemplative offering which is an impulse towards the very essence of the inner light.”

The chapters of the eclipse imparts passage to a realm of transcendence, a reflection on life while absorbing the beautiful harmonics of these essential dronescapes originating from electric guitar, zither and processing.


Alio Die is the name of Stefano Musso’s shimmering, expansive dronescaping solo-project. Musso began work under the name in 1989 and has released over 70 albums including fruitful collaborations with artists such as Robert Rich, Vidna Obmana, and Amelia Cuni. His personal musical signature is a hybrid between sonorous soundscapes and acoustic mysticism: a shadowy, cavernous, intensely detailed fusion of acoustical elements, sample treatments, sparse, echoing percussion, and deep, atmospheric sound design.

Dirk Serries is an experimentalist and foremost guitarist active since 1984, known for his vidnaObmana project and now extremely prolific in the free improvisation/free jazz scene with his own label and many different collaborations. The comings and goings of the sounds embrace and involve rather than describe; it develops sensations which we no longer hold back, while the sound textures flow continuously in the sensitive moments.

Projekt release: July 1, 2022 • Limited edition of 500

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  1. Reviews Editor

    From Mirko Ruckels

    Blissful and gentle, it took all of a minute for me to understand the mastery going on here. When two artists of this calibre can work together, you know that there is something very rare and empathic going on. The music is effortless and only partially tethered to sound, as it transcends into other mediums, like light and air and space by virtue of what it relinquishes. This is music from a dream, from two souls who understand and know dreaming and can take us there so we can look together. Favorite track: Without the light of the sky, time is lost.

  2. Reviews Editor

    From Debaser

    Alio Die and Dirk Serries return to join forces 22 years after Echo Passage (Projekt 1999). This new work is titled The chapters of the eclipse. In the meantime, the Vidna Obmana theme song has been shelved by Dirk Serries but, not for this reason, the Belgian musician has stopped his musical activity as the most attentive listeners surely know. His music today sounds very minimal and his research has continued with projects such as Fear Falls Burning (closed in 2012) and Microphonicsas well as with albums in his name. Alio Die, on the other hand, seems to be constantly touched by the sacred fire of inspiration and I must say that, in a sea of ​​times inflated like that of ambient music, his production remains a guarantee.

    In The chapters of the eclipse, almost as if by magic, we find the ethereal and subliminal atmospheres of the first Vidna Obmana, that of epochal records such as Shadowing In Sorrow and Ending Mirage that join the typical soundscapes of Alio Die. The work is divided into 3 long compositions characterized by a calm, liquid sound and an unreal beauty. The 24 minutes of the opening “Without the Light of the Sky, Time Is Lost” are meditative music that makes us travel in the Cosmos, abandoning space-time coordinates. “The Shadow Is Slow, the Hour Is Fleeting” shines with a magnetic aura while the concluding “The Sun from the Point of View of the Earth” takes us to wander through abstract and colorful landscapes. A record that should not be missing in the collection of the followers of ambient music. -Cervovolante

  3. Reviews Editor

    From Exposé

    A combination one can’t go wrong with: Alio Die and Dirk Serries. Dirk Serries is a Belgian composer and sound-sculptor we know best from his days when he was releasing albums under the alias VidnaObmana, many a classic like The River of Appearance, Crossing the Trail, and Twilight of Perception, just to name a few. He’s also released many collaborations with the likes of Steve Roach, Asmus Tietchens, Jeff Pearce. Brannan Lane, David Lee Myers, and many others. His previous collaboration with Alio Die, Echo Passage, is a classic of late-90s floating ambient electronics. Alio Die (alias of Italian composer Stefano Musso) likewise has a long history of releasing music, beginning around 1990, with around eighty releases to his credit, including collaborations with Robert Rich, Lorenzo Montanà;, Matthias Grassow, Zeit, Sylvi Alli, Amelia Cuni and others.

    The Chapters of The Eclipse presents a collection of three long-form shimmering dronescapes, a full eight years in the making, imbued with cosmic beauty and majestic radiation, reaching out into space and at the same time finding inward paths of light and shadows, logging a meditative journey in which the listener can reach full contemplative immersion.

    The opening track, “Without the Light of the Sky, Time Is Lost,” presents a sprawling 24-minute transcendental drift through beautiful layered scintillating sounds based on a soft, spiraling four chord repeating sequence that dances like light from the aurora borealis; each repetition finds alternate layerings of glorious cosmic color, breathing in and out as the journey proceeds. “The Shadow Is Slow, the Hour Is Fleeting” drifts freely through a mesmerizing sonic wilderness, fusing darker colorations into far reaching textures cut from a similar cloth as the opener. “The Sun from the Point of View of the Earth” closes the set with another sidelong piece based on a soft, floating three chord sequence dueling with cosmic drifts of beautiful tonal color, often hidden behind darker shadows as the piece ascends to its conclusion.

    The Chapters of The Eclipse is a must-have for aficionados of floating ambient sounds — it doesn’t get much better than this. -Peter Thelen

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