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Also on preOrder for June 18 release: repressings on Erik’s Cinematic (2017) and Blue Radiance (2015), plus Forrest Fang’s 2CD Sleepwalker’s Ocean(2016).

01: North Star (00:00)
02: Viewpoint (00:00)
03: Surreale (00:00)
04: Stillness (00:00)
05: Towards the Blue Horizon (00:00)
06: Nightscape (00:00)
07: Equilibrium (00:00)
08: Hidden Stars (00:00)
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Renowned Norwegian ambient / electronic artist Erik Wøllo’s «NORTH STAR» evolved from layers of sustained guitars inspiring infinite space and a minimal essence, creating a spell of slow, melodic soundscapes.

The North Star has been important to humans for thousands of years, not just because it is a bright, easily identifiable guiding light to orient yourself, but its fixed position in the sky helped people measure their progress as they traveled on great journeys.

Erik writes:

The North Star has always fascinated me, both as a natural phenomenon and as a symbol for cosmic eternity. As children we always looked for this star, and with the angle towards the horizon we could find the north direction. As a musical metaphor to me, compositions that are both celestial and stellar express a timeless and permanent state of mind when the world changes around you. It represents limitless possibilities and infinite wonder with sparks of imagination from which dreams are formed.

Similar in creative style to my 2019 release Infinite Moments, the music is based upon multiple layers of sustained Ebow guitars. However, the sound took a totally new expansive and evolved trajectory with melodic elements, rhythmic arpeggio loops and some percussion added to the treated guitar ensembles. The mood from the early Ebows are still there pointing and setting the emotional direction: vast and spacious, minimalistic and sparse in character. I also included some ambient nature sounds to place the music into a more scenic environment.

«NORTH STAR» is an inward journey of stillness and reflection. Music that shifts between contemplation and intimacy, impulse and reflection. I aimed to create a cohesive album with each track adding to a unified whole, yet retaining separate character that stands on its own. It is more like a sequence of photos of a journey in an album rather than chapters in a book. The music turns each moment of listening into something more vivid than is possible in any earthly spell of time. Always with a slow and calm pace.

Music has always been very important in people’s lives. Over the last 15 months I have received more emails than usual from my listeners, thanking me for helping make the world a little bit of a better place for them. With «NORTH STAR» I hope to continue giving music lovers some more inspiration for their lives. Art can expand and give the mind a broader horizon. Seems like we, as composers, have an extra special mission these days.


Erik Wøllo, April 2021

Tote: Black with white & purple ink on one side. 12.0 oz. 100% heavy cotton canvas; 9″ handle drop; holds at least 23 LPs.

Release Date: June 18, 2021

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