Black Tape For A Blue Girl: The “Bike Shop” Vinyl 12″ EP

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1. bike shop/absolute zero 03:08
2. the cabin 03:31
3. vega 02:18
4. she’s gone 04:01

With Michael Plaster of SoulWhirlingSomewhere on vocals

Limited edition of 500. 150 gram custom color vinyl (yellowish with black swirl), thick stock color album jacket, b&w lyric sheet, Bandcamp download card included.

Featuring Sam’s delicate acoustic guitar work and a stirring vocal performance from Michael Plaster (and drums from The Dresden Doll’s Brian Viglione), these four songs are interconnected, intimate stories of a broken heart. Bike Shop, Sam’s fifth consecutively-funded Kickstarter project, displays the tenderest side of Blacktape.

Only one of the four songs will be included on Black Tape For A Blue Girl’s August 12th CD. These fleeting moments, their 11th studio album, is 70 minutes of powerful, gorgeously yearning tracks, born from the same place as their classic 90s releases Remnants of a deeper purity and A chaos of desire.

Sam says, “The tracks on the EP are quite different from the ones on the album; they are sparse and sensitive pieces written for Michael’s vocals. They’re up close and personal reflections on places and moments, asking how things fell apart. I wrote ‘Bike shop’ and when Michael got involved I quickly wrote three additional songs to tell more of the story of the character. But these weren’t the direction I was taking the album. I decided to put them together on this EP as a stand-alone piece outside the context of These fleeting moments.”

ScottM, one of Blacktape’s backers at Patreon, wrote: “Michael’s singing is perfect on each track. He achieves just the right combination of sadness, joy, frustration, weariness, and acceptance. Michael’s voice and Sam’s guitar appear to be right there in the room with me in all songs. The dynamic range is just right throughout… it sounds terrific!”

Sam & Michael interview each other about Bike Shop

This release was funded by supporters at Kickstarter and Patreon.

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Some comments from Bandcamp supporters:

SLUDGEBURNER If Michael Plaster or Sam Rosenthal speak, I listen. But here we have something from both at the same time. So yeah, I’m really listening now. Michael’s tortured voice, BTFABG’s melancholy melodies & electronic accoutrements… Listen. It’s strange to think I might have been waiting just about 25 years for this release. Kind of wish there were a few more songs, but this will do… Thanks, guys!

SCOTT Heartfelt and powerful! Favorite track: she’s gone.

GEOFF I’m not sure if this EP is supposed to be one story, but it feels like one to me. Very moody, the layers of electronics and acoustics create a melancholy and beautiful atmosphere. Favorite track: bike shop / absolute zero.

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sam rosenthal: guitar & moog
michael plaster: vocals
brian viglione: drums

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  1. padmin

    From Rockportaal

    De Amerikaanse dark wave/ folk band Black Tape For A Blue Girl wilde al heel lang graag samenwerken met zanger Michael Plaster van Soul Whirling Somewhere. Nu de kans zich voordeed heeft Sam Rosenthal (Black Tape For A Blue Girl en Projekt) niet alleen een nummer opgenomen voor het nieuwe album, maar direct een viertal nummers met Michael opgenomen. Het resultaat is breekbare, emotionele folk met een pop, singer/ songwriter kantje. De gevoelige, tevens breekbare, stem van Michael Plaster past perfect bij de melancholische, ietwat triestige stemming. De nummers zijn dan ook niet voor niets geïnspireerd op een gebroken hart. De muziek is bijpassend ingetogen en bestaat voornamelijk uit akoestische gitaar (met een vleugje elektrische gitaar in She’s Gone). Het is te begrijpen waarom Sam zo graag en al zo lang wilde samenwerken met Michael, want het resultaat is verbluffend en mogelijk nog emotioneler dan we al gewend zijn van Black Tape For A Blue Girl. Bike Shop is te streamen/ downloaden en te bestellen op vinyl op onderstaande link. -Ron Schoonwater

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