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  1. Shadow, Light, Echo | MP3 Excerpt
  2. Nífara | MP3 Excerpt
  3. Sáwol | MP3 Excerpt
  4. Meremennen | MP3 Excerpt
  5. Écelic | MP3 Excerpt
  6. Sanctuary | MP3 Excerpt
  7. Unravel | MP3 Excerpt
  8. Divinian | MP3 Excerpt
  9. Summered And Flowered | MP3 Excerpt
  10. Halo | MP3 Excerpt
  11. Zenith | MP3 Excerpt
  12. Síscéal | MP3 Excerpt

Autumn’s Grey Solace continues their musical evolution with the release of Divinian, their seventh full-length album. It is a must-have for fans of darkwave, shoegaze, ethereal wave, and dreampop.

“A minimalistic approach manipulated into waves of various guitar and electronics, but all done with simply vocals, guitar, bass and drums. (…)An hour of ethereal bliss.” -Gothic Paradise

On Divinian, vocalist Erin Welton and instrumentalist Scott Ferrell use the common instruments of guitar, bass, drums, and female voice to construct very uncommon soundscapes, mainly building atmosphere with ethereal guitars and dense vocal harmonies. The female vocals create “the wall of sound” in place of – or in addition to – electric guitars. Erin’s voice is layered into chordal structures that form the harmonic backbone of many of the tracks, making her vocals a backing instrument in addition to a lead instrument.

“The interplay of Welton’s vocals and multi-instrumentalist Ferrell‘s hazy music creates a mysterious, but soothing mood, like listening to spirits sing you to sleep out of the corner of your eye. Those who find ghostly wisps of shoegazing faerie dust appealing will likely find this album appealing. Fans of Projekt stalwarts Mira, Love Spirals Downwards and Tearwave, not to mention the Cocteau Twins, will be enticed beyond measure.” -The Big Takeover

The guitars make room for the expanded role of the vocals on Divinian, but remain lush and textural. With mellifluous effects, treatments and guitar feedback, Ferrell’s intricate stylings will please fans of experimental guitar and the shoegaze genre. The bass guitar throughout is very low and deep, with frequent use of the low B string from a five string bass. On some parts of the album, Ferrell uses a customized bass with a low F# string to reach the extreme low notes. The drums are voluptuous and dripping wet with reverb, with plenty of washy ride and crash cymbals.

Autumn’s Grey Solace continues to cultivate the things that make their sound distinctive: Erin’s sweet and diverse voice, Ferrell’s otherworldly and exotically tuned guitars, deep and fulfilling bass lines, and emotively ambient drums. Divinian is a near hour’s worth of enjoyably melancholic contemplations for late summer afternoons.

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