Autumn’s Grey Solace: Riverine (CD)

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1 Human Shell 5:07
2 Falling Sky 4:03
3 Dormant 4:16
4 Sorrow Ashes 4:06
5 A Tangle Of Scars 3:38
6 Outlive 3:01
7 Cold And Empty Constellations 4:01
8 Hollow Girl 2:58
9 The Unshakable Demon 4:37
10 Eclipse 3:50
11 Cloudburst 3:36
12 Inward Bound 3:18

Heartfelt vocals and darkened guitars combine to form Riverine, the new ethereal shoegazer masterwork from Autumn’s Grey Solace. Erin Welton’s mystical voice and Scott Ferrell’s innovative guitar experimentation remain consistent with their past two releases. While continuing to move their sonic artwork forward on these beautifully maudlin compositions, Riverine captures Autumn’s Grey Solace in their evolution towards a darker sound.

The euphonic colors of Riverine create an entrancing atmosphere of sentimental vocals and dramatic guitar soundscapes. The ambient swells of guitar and ghostly background voices form a fitting backdrop for the sensitive lyrics. Erin’s emotional voice blends seamlessly with the melancholy chord progressions of heavily effected guitars. Beneath the gothic hues, the driving electric bass lines reveal lineage of the early 4AD sound. The reverb drenched drums drive the passionate compositions with emotive intensity.

Song descriptions:
1. Human Shell – A wet ambience of ghostly female vocals and silky 12-string rhythms.
2. Falling Sky – Saturated guitar riffing and angelic vocals over a powerful foundation of robust drumming.
3. Dormant – It begins with an underwater guitar riff that gradually builds into a mesmerizing wall of sound.
4. Sorrow Ashes – Soaring emotional vocals with dark, minor 12-string strumming. Weeping ethereal guitars grace the chorus.
5. A Tangle Of Scars – Dreamsoaked guitars, lush 7-string chords, throbbing bass lines, and expressive vocals and lyrics.
6. Outlive – A composition of brisk 12-string rhythms, jangly electric guitars, baritone melodies, and beautifully heartfelt vocals.
7. Cold And Empty Constellations – A soupy arrangement of unworldly guitars and celestial voices.
8. Hollow Girl – Maudlin vocals accompanied by dark, minor mandolin.
9. The Unshakable Demon – A very unique combination of morose gloom and searing electric intensity. Blistering shoegaze.
10. Eclipse – Chimey, crystalline guitar arpeggios under lofty vocals.
11. Cloudburst – Glossy vocals with experimental thumb-hammered guitar chords and energetic drums.
12. Inward Bound – Ambient guitar melodies and sweet vocal harmonies driven by acoustic drum textures.

For fans of: Love Spirals Downwards, Mira and Cocteau Twins

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