Autumn’s Grey Solace: Over The Ocean (CD) #CDSale

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  1. Waning Faithful
  2. Fractured
  3. Mystify
  4. Deserted And Desolate | 30 second MP3 | Full MP3
  5. New Dawn
  6. A Brighter Light
  7. Hunting The Beast
  8. The Sadness Of Years Past
  9. Memory Chambers
  10. Evenfall
  11. Distant Mother
  12. Over The Ocean

For fans of: Love Spirals Downwards, Mira and Cocteau Twins

Genre: Ethereal shoegazer with a touch of heavenly voices.
Over The Ocean is a lush tapestry of surreal instrumentation and deeply expressive vocals, documenting Autumn’s Grey Solace in an energetic, hyper-introspective period. Erin Welton’s strong, sorrowful voice tears through the dense jungle of interwoven guitar musings, while organic drums and melodic bass forge the rhythmic core. Scott Ferrell’s ethereal guitar work sets the direction of the experimental journey, and the duo bends the rules of music theory to create a unique, harmonious bliss.

Erin’s heartfelt voice sings haunting tales that spin webs of emotion in every direction, entrancing and entangling the soul of the listener. Her distinctive voice melds perfectly within the encompassing blend of electric and acoustic stringed instruments, completing the sonic picture with elegance. There is a mournful characteristic to the inflection of Erin’s appealing vocal style. This trait effectively conveys the content of the expressive lyrics.

An extensive palette of guitar textures appears on Over The Ocean. Airy 12-string acoustics, crystal clear electrics, deep 7-string chords, and richly distorted melodies all contribute to the intense wall of shoegazing sound. With some guitars, only the reverb can be heard, creating an atmospheric backdrop. In addition, guitar feedback is manipulated to form drones and swells that swirl throughout the sonic panorama.

An angelic voice soars into the heavens… A mandolin serenades in the distance… An electric guitar mourns with searing feedback… Over The Ocean is a glimpse into an auditory utopia that is barely on the verge of being explored.

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