Ordo Equitum Solis: Hecate

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  1. La Flamme Perdue
  2. The Secret Hope of F.
    Songs of the Man
  3. Desiderio
  4. Canto alla Vita
  5. Argentea Imago
  6. Les Nuits de l’Ame
  7. The Haughtiness of F.
    Songs of the Fool
  8. The Mercury Mirror
  9. A Reflection
  10. The Springs and the Stone
  11. The Crossroads
  12. Retour a la Mer

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Mystical, magical, ritual atmospheres glowing with passion and life are suggested on Ordo Equitum Solis’ releases, evoking the mysterious, almost religious mood. O.E.S. return, honoring Hecate, the moon goddess with three bodies and torches in both hands, encircled by animals. Terrible and generous, she can grant victory and wealth just as easily as death and eternal damnation. Her kingdom is that of the Night. To her, Ordo dedicate this powerful and fascinating album, as if they had learned from her secret formulas and magical arts, transforming them into a music rich with atmospheres of witchcraft and enchantment.

“This album is another pure slice of listening pleasure: Leithana’s vocals are rich and stirring while the music remains aloof yet warm . . . It’s totally luscious listening.” – BSIDE Magazine.

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