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1. The Alignment 0:54
2. Alien Earth 2:38
3. Rampage Of The Elements 1:11
4. The Jupiter Menace 2:37
5. Pueblo Bonito 2:23
6. The Prophecy – The Prophecy Fulfilled / Warriors 2:38
7. Warriors 2:37
8. Earth In Space 3:30
9. Ancient Gods 1:56
10. The Plunge / Earthquake Simulation 3:43
11. Solar Observatory 1:50
12. San Francisco 1906 1:04
13. The Survivalists 1:49
14. Cities On The Brink 3:23
15. The Mystery Of Piri Reis 1:29
16. Return To Admiral Byrd’s Camp 1:40
17. The Final Alignment 1:25
18. Closing Theme 3:38

“The Jupiter Menace” is a film score collection from the 1982 movie of the same name. Originally the film’s producers approached Passport Records about licensing some Synergy pieces for use in the soundtrack score for their film. However as the project developed, it became obvious that some of the existing pieces would have to be edited and remixed to better conform to the film’s needs. Other scenes needed new cues which the already-recorded Synergy albums couldn’t provide.

Though the science-fiction documentary didn’t achieve theatrical success, the score with its combination of revisited Synergy pieces featuring alternate mixes and a number of entirely new compositions has stood on its own as an electronic music collection.

Preparation of the original recordings converting them to film premix stems took place during January and February, 1982. New compositions were also recorded and pre-mixed at the Synergy Studio during the same time period as video copies of locked edited reels were delivered from California. Film mixing took place on the dubbing and mixing stages at Gomillion Sound in Hollywood February, 1982. The recordings were mixed for album release at House of Music Studios April, 1982. The album was originally issued by Passport Records on vinyl and cassette.

This CD production run is from a digital remastering of the original analog stereo mixes. Artwork has been reformatted for digipak..
All titles composed by Larry Fast, published by Semiconductor Music Publishing (ASCAP).

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