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1. Artificial Intelligence (Monday January 28, 1980) 11:17
2. Artificial Intelligence (Friday January 25, 1980) 10:45
3. The World After April (Tuesday January 22, 1980) 22:48

“Computer Experiments Volume One” was recorded as an experiment in computer-controlled ambient electronic music. The three extended soundscape compositions evolved using a piece of software developed by John Simonton called “Pink Tunes”. The microprocessor-executed algorithms worked with the composer’s musical concepts which were entered into computer memory before the program ran its musical performance. The program was executed on a 6503 processor resident on a PAiA 3700 single-board computer. The processor was a variant of the one used in the earliest Apple computers. Output of the musical data was managed by a Synergy custom interface board which translated the computer’s data to a format which could be interpreted at an internal port on a microprocessor-controlled Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 (rev. 1) synthesizer. The synthesizer’s audio output was recorded to an MCI JH-110/8 8-track, one-inch studio recorder. Several passes of the computer program were run and recorded.

The initial multitrack recordings were made at the end of January, 1980. The recordings were mixed for release in May, 1981 and made available as a mail order-only companion piece to the Synergy “Audion” album. Both albums were issued on vinyl in the last months of 1981. All of the original mail order vinyl copies of “Computer Experiments Volume One” were individually numbered. The album was put into general release on vinyl, cassette and CD in 1986. This production run is from a digital remastering of the original stereo mixes done in 1998. Artwork has been reformatted for digipak..

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