Thanatos formed in the early 80s when vocalist/guitarist Patrick Ogle (Padraic Ogl) and keyboardist Sam Rosenthal (Sam Rosenthal) began playing original music in South Florida. Dark Americana? Folk Music? Goth Rock? It’s hard to say. Yes, it is dark sometimes, but it hardly harkens back to the forerunners of the goth genre. It’s difficult to plug the music into a genre. Together, Ogle / Rosenthal recorded 1993’s THIS ENDLESS NIGHT INSIDE and 1995’s AN EMBASSY TO GAIUS. After that, Rosenthal focussed on Projekt Records, while Ogle toured and recorded additional Thanatos albums with a full band.

”Thanatos creator Padraic Ogl strips down his sound even further, leaving only gleaming bleached bones. Few artists can create such compelling atmospheres with vocals and acoustic guitar alone, aided only by the occasional electronics from black tape for a blue girl’s Sam Rosenthal. But Ogl does this with ease, exposing a subtle beauty, leaving the lyrics to glitter in the pale light.” – Jo-Ann Greene Alternative Press