Mark Seelig

After over 15 years of collaborations with Steve Roach, Byron Metcalf, and Loren Nerell (resulting in 16 albums, Mark has developed a wide body of diverse recorded work. His latest is The Disciple’s Path.

Music is his second life following 30 years as a clinical psychotherapist. The influence of Asian mysticism and spirituality, South American ceremonial rituals, and the musical traditions of India worked their magic on his life in many humbling ways. Classically trained as a child on violin and self-taught on guitar, in 1999 at age 42 his musical focus shifted again: during a deep vision quest, he felt encouraged to take up the North Indian bamboo Bansuri flute. This was a rather late age for picking up a new instrument, yet he took the plunge; for 10 years he studied as a disciple of Indian Bansuri maestro R.K. Bikramjit Singh.

In his work as a clinical psychotherapist and in private practice, Mark embraces the approaches of Indigenous Ceremonial Traditions and Transpersonal Psychotherapy, utilizing music to create a setting for meditation and healing. Facilitating breathwork and shamanic rituals to induce expanded states of consciousness, Mark offers his musical compositions as a guiding element to support people’s inner explorations.