“Effortlessly seductive, reducing odd syllables to a whisper, a sense of calm weeping from every note in spite of the articulation of loss and loneliness, confusion and incomprehension, fears and pains, yearnings and soft burnings . . . The album is a triumph of minimalism, dreamscapes gently stirred to pale life through the gentle fingering of fretboards and keyboards . . . Grasping at clouds and clinging to Gabriel’s frayed gown. A wonder.” – MELODY MAKER

Area began in 1985 when Steve Jones asked Lynn Canfield and Henry Frayne to participate in a recording project. The trio recorded five albums; then went on extended leave in 1990. Lynn and Henry formed The Moon Seven Times, which recorded three albums for Third Mind / Roadrunner; before disbanding in 1998. Lynn then formed Shotgun Wedding, with Brendan Gamble (also of Mx7) and others; while Henry recorded under the name Lanterna, and signed with Rykodisc for an album.