Jan 26

Pledge your support, get all access to the music of Black tape for a blue girl


Pledge your support to Black Tape For A Blue Girl on Patreon; get all access to our new music


   SHORT VERSION:    If you enjoy Blacktape’s music, want exclusive unreleased new work, and can pledge $2 or more a month to become a patron supporting my art, please give today. Every single contribution makes a difference!

Watch the video & pledge at:

Hello, this is Sam from Black Tape For A Blue Girl. Since the 80s, we’ve been releasing ethereal, gothic, & darkAmbient music. I also run America’s premier darkwave / electronic label,Projekt Records; that’s my day job. The problem is the day job takes up all my time and I don’t get into the studio to create music. We’ve only recorded two albums in the last decade, and I want to change that. And you can help. I want to get back to the way it was in the 90s when I was a musician who ran a record label, instead of being a guy who runs a record label who occasionally has time to make music.

I’m asking for your support to make this possible. 

The record business has changed dramatically from the peak era of Remnants of a deeper purity. Albums sell a fraction of what they did back then; and though people listen to a lot of music these days, their favorite price point is FREE. There’s not much financial support for artists within “free.”

I’m really excited about crowdfunding because it provides a solution to this problem and gives us a chance for a deeper connection. Patreon is an artist-to-listener experience. It allows YOU, the patron, to support ME, the artist, so I can dedicate more time to writing and recording songs for you. This really makes sense!

Your recurring monthly pledge of $2, $5, $10 or more gives me the freedom to follow my muse.

Patreon is different from Kickstarter because rather than providing one-time support to fund something like a CD, you’re giving ongoing support. The money goes towards a sustainable, reliable salary (which I’ll use to cover my living expenses, plus wages for my bandmates when they join me in the studio, gear repair, plane tickets, out-of-town studio sessions, etc).

You’ll get exclusive All Access to Black Tape For A Blue Girl in the studio:
* private posts featuring work-in-progress
* behind-the-scenes videos
* revised versions of new songs as additional instruments are added< * tracks that otherwise would never be released * early mixes of songs from older albums * live recordings * and my updates in the activity feed (where we chat and you meet a community of other Blacktape fans) Box-BlackTapeCovers.jpg

Immerse yourself in Black Tape For A Blue Girl. Please read more about Patreon and pledge your support to help keep the music flowing. Thanks!

PS: Even if you cannot afford to support us today, it would still be incredibly kind and helpful if you share the link on your Facebook, Twitter, etc. Thanks.

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