Jan 06

New: Metcalf – Roach – Thomas and Alio Die – Montanà

Projekt presents two amazing CDs in the electronic, tribal & ambient genres.

From Projekt’s Sam Rosenthal:
These releases will be available at iTunes, Amazon, and other outlets on Tuesday January 20th.
Because you are astute and have good taste (and are on Projekt’s email list), you get this notice two weeks in advance!

Byron Metcalf – Steve Roach – Rob Thomas:
Monuments of Ecstasy

Monuments of Ecstasy is driven by a constant undercurrent of fluid percussive pulses. The sound shifts from dense grooves to hypnotic sequencer-driven electronics to synthetic atmospheric transcendence. On six impeccably crafted pieces of modern-tribal magic, the visceral power of sound and rhythm work to activate a body-centered passion and life-force arousal. Byron’s drums and percussion fuse with Steve’s hybrid grooves, array of analog modular, virtual analog synths and mixing enhancements; Rob’s serpentine didgeridoo weaves aboriginal textures and otherworldly voices, adding ancient layers to the trio’s flows and soundscapes. The result are majestic and powerful formations that rise up from the earth in an ever-evolving organic listening experience.

Read the full bio and purchase the CD at Projekt | Listen to music and purchase the download at Bandcamp

Alio Die & Lorenzo Montanà: Holographic Codex
Limited edition of 500

Crossing styles and boundaries, Holographic Codex is a mixture of atmospheric ambience, IDM sequences and psybient textures; a blending of ritualistic soundscapes and technogenic landscapes. Projekt is pleased to present this mind-expanding release from these cult Italian musicians. Alio Die has over 60 releases, some on America’s Projekt Records and others on his own Hic Sunt Leones label. Montana recorded 5 collaborations with Pete Namlook on Pete’s German FAX label, plus released 10 solo albums with various European imprints (including his work with the singer Tying Tiffany as T.T.L.)

Read the full bio and purchase the CD at Projekt | Listen to music and purchase the download at Bandcamp

I’m really lucky to work with such incredible artists.
These guys have so many years of history and energy put
into their art, you can really hear it in these releases.
Do go check out the soundfiles! Enjoy.

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