Jul 05

Lovesliescrushing review from BLURT Magazine / only 50 copies left


Lovesliescrushing review from BLURT Magazine


Ghost Colored Halo


It’s been a decade since guitarist Scott Cortez and singer Melissa Arpin-Duimstra last recorded together as Loveliescrushing, but Ghost Colored Halo shows they haven’t lost a step. Indeed, if anything, the band’s tenth album indicates an evolution in sound.

After years of being the dreamiest of dream-poppers, Loveliescrushing moves from the outer edges of the mist deep into the fog itself. Eschewing verses, choruses, hooks and lyrics, the duo dives straight into the ethereal, channeling the purest of sonic impulses through its amp and microphone. Cortez wields no weapon but his guitar, allowing echoing loops and ambient washes to color the oxygen. Arpin-Duimstra responds with phantom keening, often floating so high in the atmosphere it’s impossible to distinguish her larynx from Cortez’s six strings.

With Ghost Colored Halo, Loveliescrushing passes from dream pop directly into the dream.

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