Aug 08

Love Spirals Downwards news


From Ryan Lum:

For a dormant band, there’s strangely 3 Love Spirals Downwards news items for everyone:

1st, I remade the Ardor instrumental “Mirrors a Still Sky,” a new re-recording that I did in the studio this year. It’s on the Love Spirals Downwards youTube channel. I guess for that matter, the fact the we have a youTube channel may be news in itself

2nd, Also on our youTube channel, I made a video of myself playing “Avincenna” (also from Ardor).

And 3rd, You probably heard about Suzanne performing some Love Spirals Downwards songs in Portland on August 17th at Brickbat Mansion. Facebook page.

And thanks for the new Steve Roach CD; always a pleasure to get something new from Steve.

Purchase Love Spirals Downwards CD for $5 a piece. Idylls & Ardor