Mar 29

I’m very thrilled to release Michael Stearns: Planetary Unfolding

Friday is the re-release date for Michael Stearns’ Planetary Unfolding. I am thrilled that I get to offer Michael’s early work on my Projekt label. He’s one of the originals; having both Michael and Steve Roach on Projekt brings together the classic American EM artists.

I’ve read your wonderful comments about this album on Bandcamp and youTube, such as:

Tony B wrote: Thank you for reissuing Planetary Unfolding. It is a desert island disc for me!
Gabriel R wrote: At last! One of my favorite albums, for so long unavailable on CD. Thank you Projekt for putting this out!

Planetary Unfolding was out of print far too long, and it’s my pleasure to make it available for you again. This remastered version captures the beauty and sustained world of Michael’s 1981 creation. The CD comes in a 6-panel digipak with the return of the original cover + full liner notes. Purchase CD or download today, and you can stream on our Bandcamp page. On Friday, the album will be up at all streaming sites, Amazon, etc. (here’s the Spotify link for Friday.)
– Sam

Michael Stearns: Planetary Unfolding (2022 Remaster)
Available here at the Projekt website and our bandcamp page, European website, high res digital at SPM

Projekt Records inaugurates an ongoing CD/digital reissue series of 13 influential works from American electronic ambient composer Michael Stearns. On April 1, 2022, Projekt rereleases Stearns’ groundbreaking and long out-of-print Planetary Unfolding (1981). Featuring the sound of the Serge Modular Synthesizer in 6 movements, the slowly evolving atmospheric swirls of this early spacemusic classic are a journey within inner and outer space.

His essential masterpiece tells the story of the cosmos not with words but with mighty, emotional sonics. The pieces have aged gracefully, as powerful today as 41 years ago. From our subatomic origins to our intergalactic destiny, the universe is made of sound held together through resonance where atoms, cells, oceans, plants, animals and humans are all part of a complex orchestration.

“Michael Stearns’ Planetary Unfolding defines the word breathtaking. He doesn’t just take you somewhere, he makes you hear music differently, taking you deep into the vibration of sound. Planetary Unfolding transforms the space of your listening and your mind. It’s a monumental work of ambient music.” — John Diliberto (((Echoes)))”

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