Dec 10

Color Matching the Black tape for a blue girl BIKE SHOP ep

Hi! The first bit of GREAT news is that I turned the label + jacket art into Cascade. I heard back from Amber, the cover model, and she’s cool with my processing on her image. Nice! Approval.

Before sending the art in, there was the matter of matching the vinyl color. Ok, I know I will never perfectly match the color between the print and the vinyl. There are always fluctuations in printing, plus the vinyl is swirled so it’s not one exact color. I went nuts for about 5 days because I cannot locate my PMS books. These “Pantone Books” contain pages with all the pantone colors; it is the best way to match color, as what I see on my monitor isn’t exactly the color that things will print. I thought the books were right here on the shelf behind me, but nope! Cannot find them. My friend Howard from Spotted Peccary Records has a set of new books (mine were / are from 1990) and I dropped by to find the color.

PMS 116u, for those of you checking at home

I then went into Photoshop, opened the cover files, and drew a line in PMS 116u, to see how closely it matched the color that I eyeballed…

My eyeballing was pretty close!

Strangely, the front cover looks more greenish than the back cover. Howevere when you lay the two on top of each other, and add the yellow lines, they seem to be pretty close:

I think it’s the orangish spokes that are tricking my eye into thinking the back cover is more redish.
Seriously. This is the kind of stuff us graphic designers think about! : )

This is the disc label art

Josh says that he plans to cut the lacquers in the next few days, or before the end of next week for sure. It would be nice to have everything turned in before I leave town for the holidays.


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