Jun 10

Can you imagine a shamanic world of tribal intensity?

In the studio with the artists. Join us for a studio tour with Byron Metcalf and Mark Seelig and Dashmesh Khalsa at YouTube.

Byron Metcalf & Mark Seelig: Intention

Intentionis a transcultural tour de force of multi-layered tribal-ambient rhythms, indigenous instruments, and mesmerizing soundscape. Byron’s spellbinding and laser-like drums and percussion merge with Mark’s haunting and beautiful bansuri flutes and Tuvan-style throat singing to create a bold, larger-than-life journey into infinite possibilities. Infused with steadfast power and authority, Intention is expertly crafted to induce and support expanded states of consciousness.

Many ways for you to get Intention:
$14 CD at Projekt.
2-pack with Nerell/Seelig’s Tree of Life, $23 at Projekt.< $10 download at Bandcamp in FLAC, Apple lossless or MP3
$16.98 CD at Amazon
$9.99 digital download at iTunes

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