Feb 17

Black Tape For A Blue Girl — Album cover, Steps 1 + 2


Album Cover, Step 1: Acquire a bass

[February 9] Step 1 to making the cover for These fleeting moments: acquire a bass that can be ‘modified.’

( √ ) accomplished!

I got a bass off CraigsList. The narrow portion (above the f-holes) is thirteen inches across. I measured my model. The way I want her to pose is seventeen inches across. I will have to do a bunch of modification to this bass, to make it wide enough to hold my human.


Album Cover, Step 2: See if model will fit the bass

[February 16]


My idea for the These fleeting moments album cover is to have Mercy inside the bass. Today I generally wanted to see if she’d fit. Mercy tried on the bass, and while she says she’s a contortionist and can fit in the tight spot, I still plan to make the bass a bit larger. With a circular saw, and a bit of wood at the bottom to add some extra space for her to curl up inside. Maybe hard to picture, I know what I have in mind.

See additional shots of Mercy on the bass at http://sam-r.com/Shoot23.html — but be warned there is some (classy!) nudity, so the page is NSF (not safe for work!)

The third one with the spine is really nice, if I do say so myself.

Oh yeah… I haven’t listened to the mixes of the album since January 29th. I plan to go back this weekend and see how things feel after a bit of distance.

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