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Peter Phippen & Ivar Lunde, Jr.: Primordial Forest

Genre: Ambient, New Age, Meditation
Format: Digital • ARC293 • 617026229324
RIYL: Coyote Oldman, Gary Stroutsos, R. Carlos Nakai, Paul Horn, G.S. Sachdev
Release Date: November 3 2023


Venturing into pristine musical terrain, flutist Peter Phippen and synthesist Ivar Lunde, Jr. reveal a magical album of dark secretive nocturnal soundscapes. Engaging mystery and textural sparseness, the six tracks unearth lush emotions entwined with inner stillness and self-discovery. These meditative moments are ideal for stress reduction and creating a positive mindset.

Phippen's bamboo and wooden flute improvisations offer the seeds for composer Lunde, Jr. to weave ambient arrangements utilizing synthesizers, gongs, and wine glasses. This results in a natural flow of each artist's feelings.


The definition of time in music might be perceived as a fourth dimension of reality. Melodies and textures played during the conception and life span of each piece cause subtle tension and release, deep emotion, beauty, and at times harmonious apprehension within a peaceful calm.


Out of this world and otherworldly.

As a walk in the deep forest or immersion into the sacred, this music holds space for inner stillness in the midst of the cacophony and chaos bearing down on humanity and this precious planet.


Gigi Stafne, natural medicine writer, educator, and clinician at Green Wisdom School of Natural and Botanical Medicine writes:
Peter Phippen and Ivar Lunde, Jr. magically unfurl a path to other planes of existence. Each song on Primordial Forest evokes simple, sacred elements, tethering and signaling us to be present with, and to communicate with, the natural world and our ancestors. May this music pull you close, fine tune your energy and serve as a communication conduit with other worlds and ways of being. Let the journey begin...

Peter Phippen: bamboo flutes, Mojave and Breckenridge Native American flute replicas, Edo and contemporary Shakuhachi, Egyptian Kawala, antique African flutes, Native American style flute.
Ivar Lunde, Jr.: synthesizers, gongs, wine glasses.

Produced by: Lunde, Jr. and Phippen. Recorded, mixed, and mastered by: Lunde, Jr. at Skyline Studio Eau Claire, WI.


Web Res

Web Res | Photo credit: Victoria Shoemaker
Track Listing:
1 The Pendulum Principle
2 Nightshade
3 Obsidian Mirrors
4 Primordial Forest
5 Full Moon Ritual
6 Grains of Sand



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