• 2CD + Name-Your-Price Download

    Capturing the pure essence of Steve's intimate embrace of silence, breath, rich harmonic inventiveness, and shifting liminal states 2CD.

  • Fan comment: Probably the best dreamsynth / hypnagogic space ambient I have ever experienced. Absolutely stunning from start to finish.

    Name-your-price ownload at Bandcamp.

  • Structures from Silence (40th Anniversary Remaster)

    The 40th anniversary of this ambient classic, in all formats: LP, 1CD, 3CD, and download.

  • 1992's album of organic ambient album of longing and gentle melancholic minimalism.

    Sam Rosenthal and vidnaObmana on CD, LP, MD & Name-Your-Price Digital.

  • Post-Punk: Bathed in mysterious, electric guitar twangs and spectral tunes dusted with age

    Download at Bandcamp.