• Limited edition 4-CD set

    The Complete 5-Hour Collection is a tour-de-force of deep-ambient noir. Long-form ultra deep sound immersion zones created for the four consecutive Blood Moon lunar eclipses..

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  • The BIKE SHOP vinyl EP

    Sam collaborates with Michael Plaster of SoulWhirlingSomewhere. Support & pre-order at Kickstarter.

    Everyone can download the 4 tracks for free!

  • Almost sold out

    Electronic / space music solo project from Sam of Black Tape For A Blue Girl. This is the version in the über limited edition PlexiBox.

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  • Limited edition of 300!

    Renowned Norwegian ambient/electronic artist returns with another limited edition EP of exclusive new music.

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  • Mesmerizing soundworlds of sensual electronic/ambience

    "...this is another timeless classic unfolding before us." - fan comment on Bandcamp.

    Steve dives further into the deep end of introspective music.

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  • While Supplies Last

    A new electronic / ambient comp from Projekt, featuring Steve Roach, Erik Wollo, Mercury's Antennae & more. Free with $14+ orders.