• A soul-renewing immersion in the deeper end of the self-reflection pool.

    Ambient music master Steve Roach’s first long-form electronic release on Projekt since 2012.

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  • Creating the music of tomorrow with the analog technology of yesterday.

    Analog electronic space music from Baltimore.

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  • Falling You’s 7th album; Graceful, intimate, distinctive and elegant.

    Shine, caresses with beautiful bursts of musical brilliance and mesmerizing female vocals.

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  • A 2-CD from Erik Wollo

    His 21st full-length album is a monumental statement ranging from slowly-drifting kaleidoscopic passages, epic soaring guitar melancholy, upbeat ever-changing sequenced cycles, and charismatic compelling melodies. Order yours!

  • "An idealized world of sound - where Spacemusic, World Music, New Age and the Avant-Garde all share a common spirit." - Star's End Radio

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  • Steve Roach's 1986 electronic classic

    UNCUT magazine UK writes: "American progressive synth classic exhumed for its 30th birthday ...cascading, rhythmic synth music that drew lines between the Berlin School and the nascent US new-age sound, and he seldom did it better than he does on Empetus."

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