• Two new collaborations

    Two new collaborations between Steve Roach & Robert Logan. Co-creation across an ocean of shifting sonic paradigms. Click to purchase your CD 2-pack for $24

  • Beneath the Serene

    Beautifully intimate ethereal, darkwave, shoegaze tracks offers a variety of swelling moods from the dark and hypnotic to the sublimely tranquil and romantic. Click to order your CD!

  • Limited Edition

    Forrest's new 2-CD is the #1 seller in the Projekt webstore. Limited to 300 copies
    Buy your CD today! A hypnotic deep-ambient exploration of the fantastical and elusive realm of the subconscious.

  • Pre-Spring Cleaning

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  • Limited edition of 300!

    Renowned Norwegian ambient/electronic artist returns with another limited edition EP of exclusive new music.

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