• Limited Edition

    Forrest's new 2-CD is the #1 seller in the Projekt webstore. Limited to 300 copies
    Buy your CD today! A hypnotic deep-ambient exploration of the fantastical and elusive realm of the subconscious.

  • From the archive!

    Released within the final hours of 2015, EMOTIONS REVEALED is a 51 minute collection of two early 80s pieces by American progressive-electronic/ambient icon Steve Roach...

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  • You heard it on the radio!

    Four tracks from Blue Radiance were featured on the recent episode of HEARTS OF SPACE radio program. Click to order your CD! Blue Radiance transports the listener along innovative, shimmering and sonorous musical pathways.

  • Pre-Spring Cleaning

    A nice gift for yourself or your sweetie. 150 CDs at 50% OFF (or higher)! Full list here. Nibble them up, just like they were Holiday Pie!

  • Two new releases from Steve Roach

    The 2-CD concert release ALIVE IN THE VORTEX is available with it's companion disc VORTEX IMMERSION ZONE. Three CDs of music for $30. Click to order.

  • Limited edition of 300!

    Renowned Norwegian ambient/electronic artist returns with another limited edition EP of exclusive new music.

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