Aug 30

Projekt’s European Webstore

Because of ever-rising postage costs, and repeated customs duties, it has grown less economical for our European fans to purchase from our America-based website. As of September 7 2018, we have launched our collaboration with DeeJayDead in Germany. It’s the beginning of a European Webstore for Projekt & Timeroom releases.

DJD’s Owner Jan is adding all our available titles to their inventory. Here is a list of what is currently available. Here are links directly to the new preOrder titles Lycia: In Flickers and Black Tape For A Blue Girl: To Touch the Milky Way


1 great shipping rates:
GERMAN customers: flat € 1.99 shipping rate for all parcels – regardless of quantity ordered.
EU customers: € 4.99 up to 500g; € 7.99 for up to 1000g (1 Kilo)

2 faster delivery
Orders placed weekdays before 2pm ship the same day!


3 The European shop is not stocking our shirts or offering bundle prices. While their prices are somewhat higher than the US-webstore, the postage is so much lower that it works out to a better price overall.

4 The website is currently in German only. Jan is working on a completely revamped site for October ASAP. If you have any questions, Jan writes, “Email me and I will help, or we can create the order manually.” Contact:

click Projekt’s European website to visit.

Original Post from 8-30-2018

I’m very excited about this new development to help out our European fans.

For 35 years, Projekt has shipped orders to our customers in Europe (our orders are filled by Joe out of his shop in Philadelphia, PA.) There was a time when Projekt’s price + shipping was cheaper than what customers paid in their local record stores for our CDs + VAT (Value-Added Tax). Postage has gotten so expensive (approx: $14 for one CD, $24 for three CDs), that we sense it has dramatically decreased the number of sales we make in Europe. Recently, a couple of customers also had to pay customs at the post office in order to get their package, the cost almost equaled the price of the merchandise they ordered.

Looking for solutions, my good friend Sebastian at our European distributor (Audioglobe in Italy) hooked me up with one of his best customers, a webstore in Germany. We quickly worked out the details, and within two weeks we’ll launch Projekt’s European webstore with preOrders for the new Black Tape For A Blue Girl and LYCIA.

Our partner gets shipments twice a week from Sebastian, offers low shipping rates, and orders placed weekdays before 2pm ship the same day! We’ll work closely with them to once again make things easy for our continental customers.

The European Webstore will carry 283 of our titles: almost all Projekt CDs plus all CDs from Steve Roach’s Timeroom label. They will not stock shirts, some almost out of print titles, and won’t offer bundle pricing. However their website does stock 8000 items! It’ll be your one-stop shop to get our CDs/LPs and the goth/darkwave titles you are looking for. Plus a growing selection of electronic/ambient releases.

This is going to be great. Stay tuned for the announcement.

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