Dark Awake: Anunnaki


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1. Blut ist Feuer
2. Die Nibelungen
3. Decay
4. Towards the Nine Angles
5. Virgo Lucifera
6. Euphoria (of the Flesh)
7. Thy Satyr
8. Anunnaki
9. Sacrorum

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German Import | Dark Awake ‘s brand new opus (their 4th album) takes inspiration from the ancient gods of Meso-potamia, Anunnaki. The album features an esoteric mystical and spiritual sound that must be felt not just heard! There are dark ambient parts that lead to powerful martial industrial segments that call in mind war and dominion. An abysmal orchestration that will send your soul to places beyond imagination…
With Anunnaki DARK AWAKE created their absolute masterpiece of dark music!

Anunnaki were said to be a race of superhuman, powerful beings, once worshipped by several of the tribes and cultures of Mesopotamia, particularly the ancient Sumerians and Babylonians, from about 4000 BC during the rise of human civilization to 1500 BC when their worship was replaced by other religions.
It is said it was then that the Anunnaki came to Earth and took over the lands. Mining for gold to use for energy. They built the pyramids of Iraq, Egypt, Mexico, and Central America to use as Control Centers for their space stations. They took Tiamat’s native neanderthal man and mix him with their own DNA to create what is known as modern day humans…

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