Dark Sanctuary: Exaudi Vocem Meam – Part 1 ~ SALE $10

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  1. Ouverture 2’33
  2. Elle et l’aube 7’41
  3. Dein kalter Stein 5’56
  4. Memento Mei 6’51
  5. The garden of Jane Delawney 3’55
  6. Cristal 6’51
  7. Mon errance… 3’5?
  8. A mes ennemis 8’05
  9. Sortie du cloître 5’02
  10. Des illusions 4’19?
  11. Je m’en irai 7’19

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| Import Jewelcase | In nearly 10 years of existence Dark Sanctuary had the privilege and quality to increase medias interest and marketing responses album by album. The band was and still is in the fortunate position to be appreciated by both the Gothic and the Metal scenes and to be able to export their French-sung compositions to a worldwide audience without language barriers or limit.

Exaudi Vocem Mean was recorded over summer 2005 at E-Studio, Germany: an impressive studio unit that was able to capture their orchestral parts with an unbelievable reality and fidelity, with a very warm sound, giving the impression of being an entire big orchestra playing.

Dark Sanctuary against the actual trends of computer-aided music, is in fact very real, using real classical instruments and everybody can hear the difference!

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