Ataraxia: Mon Seul Desir + Des Paroles Blaches re-issue ~ SALE $10

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  1. Alsicon
  2. Jarem gitti
  3. Eaudelamer
  4. Sendero en lago verde
  5. A l`aube
  6. Mundus est locundum
  7. Jarem gitti (remix)
  8. Etretal
  9. Veules les Roses
  10. Hovering (2007 version)

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| Argentinian Import | Two long deleted Ataraxia releases will finally be available again in a new, improved digipak edition in completely digitally re-mastered quality and with all new artwork.

Des Paroles Blanches was a very limited EP and sold out in no time. The inspiration for this mini album came both from the “The Canticle of Canticles” of King Solomon and the cycle of late-Mediaeval tapestries “La Dame à la Licorne”.

With Mon Seul Désir, after many albums based on pain, struggle, far lands and sunken civilizations Ataraxia finally released material based on love in all his power, unique love driven by destiny, the one that unifies elected souls and save our poor life when we are hopeless and deceived. Listening to Mon Seul Désir you’ll find a green path leading to an enchanted lake, it is a sort of purifying journey to get rid of our unhappy condition. You’ll perceive the deep connection among love and music, a dimension where everything is undefined and the passing among a dreamy state to a conscious one is prophetic and magic describable only through the poetry of notes.

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