Kirlian Camera: Pictures from Eternity (2004)

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  1. Tauko A (4.20)
  2. Ascension (5.23)
  3. I Am The Light (3.47)
  4. Nimetön Kirje (1.52)
  5. Your Face In The Sun (6.37)[CD exclusive] [also released as single]
  6. Kaalk (5.26)
  7. Die Vergessenen (0.44)
  8. Wasted Bridges (4.02)
  9. The End Of Day (3.35)
  10. Along The Avenues Of Hell (5.59) [with Limbo] [CD exclusive]
  11. Uranium Ussr 1972 (3.14)
  12. Meine Nächte Sind Heiser Zerschrien… (5.11) [CD exclusive]
  13. Berlin VIII (4.01)
  14. Ascension – Temple Version (5.50) [bonus-track]
  15. I Am The Light – ’97 Mix (5.41) [bonus-track]
  16. Your Face In The Grey Sun (6.46) [bonus-track]

| Import from Argentina | 2004 re-release, presented with carton cover, modified track-list and three bonus-tracks

  • Ascension – Temple Version is taken from Ascension single and replaces the track Ascension-Kuolema
  • I Am The Light – ’97 Mix is taken from The Ice Curtain double compilation
  • Your Face In The Sun is taken from Your Face In The Sun single
  • The song Ussr 1972 was renamed Uranium Ussr 1972, like the side-project

    After the highly deserved success of their current album “Invisible Front 2005”, it is a big honour for Twilight Records to re-release this beautiful and cult album from one of the most important and popular electro bands in the gothic scene. This is the re-release of one of their most legendary and best albums. Originally on Discordia in 1996, it comes with 3 exclusive bonus-Tracks! “Pictures from Eternity” followed the very ‘difficult’ conceptual album “Solaris”, and marked the return of Kirlian Camera to their earlier, darker, romantic and melodic days. It’s a definite RETRO album and includes some of the most beautiful tracks, Angelo Bergamini has written in 20 years! The opening track “Ascension” has become a CLASSIC, but also the highly infective single “Your Face in the Sun”, the original version of “I am the Light”, the remake of a very early KC-track from 1981 “Meine Nächte sind heiser zerschrien” and the amazing Kraftwerk-inspired track “Kaalk” are real jewels of Angelo’s discography – as well as the orchestral “Wasted Bridges” or the neo-folkish “The End of Days”. Kirlian Camera today are without a doubt one of the most important acts in the electro scene and this work marked without a doubt one of the peak moments of their career and is regarded as their most ‘accessible’, and most ‘darkwave’ kind of album. This new version comes with new and full colour booklet and runs more than 72 minutes now – in fact it not only contains 3 bonus tracks, but also the ‘Kuolema’ remix of “Ascension” from the original edition has been replaced by a much better sounding version!

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