Rome: Blighter (Limited Edition Vinyl 7″)


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A1 Blighter
B1 — [etching]

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ROME is mutating again, so stand still for a second and behold myths and the powers of the beyond, as they are breaking through the currents of time again and again. Time, swirling and repeating itself in various kaleidoscopic combinations, projecting themselves upon our realities. Stand still for a moment and let us find our intrinsic selves in the complex web of personal, social, geographic, cultural, universal mirrors, which -in turn- can be projected onto other points in history and space; whe+n sound freezes the flow of time and turns it into the map of a boundless, secret inner world -you’re most likely listening to ROME.

Blighter offers a glimpse at the unity that seems lost in the turmoils of our limited existence, that remains beyond our incomplete, insufficient senses. It’s the attempt to take us as listeners to those places that feel real and powerful enough to throw us off the persisting, imprisoning comfort of our usual sense of self, to give the mental field of action to the energies which remain blocked within our frustrating reality, to help us contemplate and to some extent turn this intense feeling of disconnection, of misplacement into a friend.

STRICTLY limited [500 copies] Vinyl Edition, featuring a track from the forthcoming ROME album ‘Hall of Thatch’!
– Black 40g 7″ vinyl
– With elaborate (laser-engraved) etching on the B-side
– High quality, super-audiophile disc – German pressing!
– Sturdy cardboard sleeve
– Reverse board printed cover
– Strictly limited to 500 copies

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