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  1. Fester (single version) | MP3 excerpt
  2. Silverstream (single version) | MP3 excerpt
  3. The Beast Pain | MP3 excerpt
  4. Le Vertige Du Vide (JR) | MP3 excerpt

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| German Import Limited Edition | Fester is a ritual fight with one’s own personal demons, a journey not devoid of self-derision. These twilight songs are like a glimpse into a world of otherness. Rome was founded on forward motion (“Bewegung entsteht durch Haltung“) and like a true moloch it expels its dead. With 8 critically acclaimed and remarkable (concept) albums in as many years, Rome have built a considerable following in the world’s darker musical scenes. Yet, the myth of this Rome is cast in the future tense. This Rome remains vibrant and far removed from the shorthand of conventional imagery, from the distortion of nostalgia – the inarticulate contempt for the present and fear of the future.

On Fester this contempt is quite articulate and one can taste the fear that lies at the root of it all. This record brings Rome back to the city, back to the gutter and into the actual world of its author, Jerome Reuter: a world where the sacred and profound, history and eternity, man and god remain completely separated. Musically Fester offers a mixture of what might be termed Murder Folk and Junky Ballads, far removed from the martial drum beats and retrosampling – yet more anger-fueled than ever before. Featuring two tracks from the upcoming album Hell Money (in an exclusive alternate version), one exclusive track and a stripped-bare remodeling of the Rome classic “Le Vertige Du Vide“ – done Fester-style! Fester is released in a strictly limited edition of 999 copies.

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