Black tape for a blue girl: 10 Neurotics – German version

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  1. Sailor Boy | MP3 Clip | youtube Live Video
  2. Inch Worm | MP3 Clip
  3. Tell Me You’ve Taken Another | MP3 Clip
  4. The Perfect Pervert | MP3 Clip
  5. Marmalade Cat | MP3 Clip | youtube Video
  6. Love Song | MP3 Clip
  7. Rotten Zurich Cafe | MP3 Clip
  8. Militärhymne | MP3 Clip
  9. In Dystopia | MP3 Clip
  10. The Pleasure in the Pain | MP3 Clip | youtube Video
  11. I Strike You Down | MP3 Clip
  12. Caught by a Stranger | MP3 Clip
  13. Curious, Yet Ashamed | MP3 Clip
  14. Love of the Father | MP3 Clip

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This is the German version of 10 Neurotics. It has different cover images from the Projekt edition. Both editions are digipak with a 28 page booklet, and the music is the same

10 Neurotics reimagines the passion of Black Tape For A Blue Girl (and visionary founder / songwriter, Sam Rosenthal) in a rock / dark cabaret setting. Sam challenged himself to put the electronics and lushness aside; he wrote these songs on the acoustic guitar, an instrument he had never played before. The results bear a more considered approach to songwriting: structured, melodic and dare say even “traditional” in composition. It is a new approach to the mood and power for which Blacktape is known.

Featuring drum kit and bass for the first time in 20 years (courtesy of new band-member Brian Viglione of The Dresden Dolls & The Cliks), these fourteen songs are revealing first person narratives. These are stories so unnerving and personal that 10 Neurotics features an all-new line-up; the previous vocalists quit the group out of discomfort with the content.

Sam explains, “Many of the scenes take place in the fetish lifestyle: a culture of heightened sexuality, relationship dynamics, power and control. I set out to create an album that looks at our sexuality, obsessions and fetishes with a mature (rather than sensationalized) eye. Our life is a constant churning of desires, sometimes overtaking us – more often subverted, submerged and repressed. I wanted to directly confront reality: who are we when the disguise is stripped away? I wrote from real life as a way to plug directly into the core of pure experience without filtering it, I developed something genuinely fresh and vital.”

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