Cinema Strange: Quatorze Exemples Authentiques du Triomphe de la Musique Décorative (CD) – 50% Off

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    Disc One
  1. First Example
  2. Mr. Quilt’s Rotten Luck
  3. Unlovely Baby
  4. Fourth Example
  5. Needlefeet
  6. Squashed Blossoms
  7. Intermezzo
  8. Bright violet Euphoria
  9. Rat Catcher
  10. Ninth Example
  11. The Toad Curse And How It Perished In Flames
  12. Molars
  13. One Time One Summer…
  14. I Remember Tendon Water

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Re-Release Single CD issue of of CINEMA STRANGE’s third studio album in all new cover-artwork! This version includes all tracks taken from the first disc of the two disc set and comes presented in a digipak.

After four years of mysterious seclusion in separate corners of the world, Cinema Strange has met again in their secret headquarters to produce Quatorze Exemples Authentiques du Triomphe de la Musique Décorative. This third album from the veteran spooky art-rock troupe brings together new worlds of fascination and intrigue, and new musical vistas that plunge into and explore the topsy-turvy carnival ride that is life in this and alternate realities. Vocalist, Lucas Lanthier, brings more musical stories to the supper table, featuring magicians and tragically unlucky gentlemen and cannibals who eat themselves. And the band surges forward with a quickened heartbeat, featuring live drums for the first time on a Cinema Strange studio album.

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