Chamber: Solitude

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  1. The Mornin’ After
  2. Miles Away
  3. Torn
  4. Desire And Ruin
  5. I Hate Falling In Love
  6. Violets for a dead Girl
  7. Moonchild
  8. Sleep Sweet Sleep
  9. Amorous
  10. Set Me Free
  11. Solitude
  12. Wasting my day

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| German Import | After their magnificent album Ghost Stories & Fairy-Tales, the belief that CHAMBER would not be able to change and improve have certainly been wrong. Once again this black chamber-orchestra surprises us with a splendid piece of work, filled with yearning, power, harmony and rhythm: Solitude – once more, completely different to its predecessor, yet still obviously CHAMBER. Excellent song-writing and the use of a live-drummer create a varied, rousing and excitingly great album, which looks at and describes all the different sides and aspects of solitude as such. A crushing, yet sometimes liberating kind of loneliness that has either been forced upon, or chosen voluntarily; human fates and stories inspired by our daily lives, which consequently everyone of us knows and understand so very well. The obvious delight this orchestra -recently grown to an octet- is drawing from performing their music is really impressive, such is the immense power these five female and three male CHAMBER-members are creating with their instruments … – not to forget this certain grain of (self-)irony, which we learned to love so much. Those who have already seen them live, know of the force and fun they are!

The first edition of Solitudeis being released as a beautifully-eerie Double-Digipak with two booklets and the Bonus-CD The Stolen Child, on which eight of the most requested cover-versions from CHAMBER’s live-repertoire of the recent years are being featured. Recorded with befriended musicians such as ASP, Alea (SALTATIO MORTIS), Anke Hachfeld (MILÚ/SCHILLER/MILA MAR), Syrah (QNTAL) and many more, these additional songs will surely create many club-hits, just like CHAMBER’s very own compositions. Many fans have desperately waited for this CD!

Solitude will certainly lift CHAMBER high up to the Mount Olympus of the German music-scene, regardless of any general genre-affiliation or the consumers’ usual preferences. 12 new songs of pure listening-pleasure!

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