Android Lust: The Human Animal


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1. Intimate Stranger
2. Rub Me Raw
3. Saint Over
4. God in the Hole
5. It’s on You
6. The Return
7. A New Heaven
8. Into the Sun
9. One World
10. Flow (of impermanence)
11. God in the Hole (version) – remix by Jerome Dillon and Anthony Baldino

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A journey through the psyche of man, as man realizes the futility of living in the grips of ego and surrenders to seek answers within.

The Human Animal is the fourth studio release from Android Lust, brainchild of NYC-based singer/songwriter/producer Shikhee. It comes four years after the release of Devour, Rise and Take Flight, a track from which garnered a spot on the official Navy NCIS soundtrack album. The Human Animal sees Shikhee collaborating with her live band for the first time in a studio release, giving it an unexpected organic warmth while maintaining her trademark machine edge that cuts uncomfortably if you dare to let it in.

Known for her uncompromising ear for fresh sounds, Shikhee scoured the NYC streets and subways with a portable recorder, collecting sounds that found their way as rhythmic and melodic elements throughout the album. There is also a bonus remix of “God In The Hole” by Jerome Dillon (formerly of Nine Inch Nails, nearLY), and Anthony Baldino — an atmospheric opus that is a chilling end to the journey.

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