Android Lust: Resolution (re-issue in 5″ cardboard wallet)


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1. In the Arms of the Heretic
2. Refuse
3. Heathen
4. Cruelty
5. Suffer the Flesh
6. Spine
7. Visceral Stimulation
8. Used
9. Viscera
10. Heathen (Witch’s Hammer)
11. Heathen (A Thousand Thoughts)

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Outburn: “Beautifully disturbing dark electro fueled by the rage of the divine Shikhee… warm and precisely executed.”

Interface: “An intense electronic album of exceptional magnitude… what drives the album home is the wide array of sounds and atmospheres she creates within each piece.”

“Android Lust, a one-woman band in the studio, takes what we like about dance and industrial and combines the two. No, Shikhee is not another generic electro band; rather, her inescapable programming and dominating atmospheres put Android Lust on the top of my playlist.” – Grinding into Emptiness

“Her compositions are emotional and compelling, as opposed to the very inhuman approach of her male contemporaries. It’s never weak or sappy or melodramatic, like a lot of “emotional” music. On the contrary, it’s all certainly “hardcore” enough for the electro freaks, but if you’re open to it, it can also really move you. – Cluture Shock

Resolution has crisp production, constantly changing vocal effects, intelligent samples, original percussion and well arranged keyboard sections. Android Lust has the notable distinction of not sounding like any other act on the market, which is very rare for a debut album.” – Sonic Boom

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