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  1. Kill the Poor (Dr. Speedlove Dub)
  2. Thin Red Line (Pankow Remix)
  3. Underpass (Click, Click, Drone…)
  4. Memory, Uncaring Friend
  5. Kharb
  6. Cannibal Song
  7. Keepsakes and Reflections
  8. Metamorphosis
  9. High Tide
  10. Thin Red Line (Instrumental Mix)
  11. Red Letter
  12. L’echange
  13. Nine Tails, to Follow You Around

Keepsakes & Reflections is a collection of rare and unreleased tracks from one of the most original dark electronic bands of today. Attrition’s Martin Bowes, the veteran musician from Coventry, produced so many varied releases – from dark electro to classical orchestral sounds to ethereal ambient and experimental industrial – that one can really be impressed. The collections of unreleased material are often second-rate recording that could not find their place on official releases. This one is different – it is the very strong offering, and the fact that the tracks were produced over certain longer period of time, only adds to variety and quality of the tracks. There are ultra-melodic, danceable electro anthems (check “Underpass” or “Memory, uncaring friend”), fascinating ambient tracks (“Cannibal Song”), or cosmic ethereal moments (“Kharb”, “Keepsake & Reflections”). Franck Dematteis, member of Paris Opera, an Attrition fan himself, contributed beutiful viola passages (“Red Letter”, “Metamorphosis”, “L’echange”). Surely, one of the most varied and, simply speaking, beautiful albums of Martin Bowes and co.

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