Robert Rich: The Biode (CD)


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1. Recalcitrant Malfeasance 3:14
2. Particles 4:34
3. Protista Mephista 8:21
4. Elevate The Hive Mind 7:28
5. Behind The Staminode 5:26
6. A Porous Membrane 4:40
7. Permeate The Divide 5:32
8. Galvanic Response 8:29
9. Aerosols For Pluviculture 2:27
10. Witchetty Vartu 7:22

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The Biode makes heavy use of modular synths and the Haken Continuum. It starts out sounding a bit like “Bestiary” but then moves into a whole new dimension, a Surrealist electronic journey through the microbiome. Exploding neurons reassemble to build a metamind. If an anthill could talk, what would it say? What would music sound like if we collaborated with fungi? We are not alone in this fractal universe.

From the liner notes:
“We imagine ourselves to be individuals, as if our genome defines us. In fact, we’re each a collective, a network of organisms, with our unique microbiome of bacteria, viruses, fungi, organelles. Some work in harmony, some work in discord, but that shifting collective defines each individual in a blurry but more complete way. Let’s call it the Biode, a biomic node, the nexus or gathering place where a community of organisms combines to become a unit of individuality or consciousness.”

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