Meridiem (Robert Rich & Percy Howard): A Scattering Time (CD)


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1. Where You Stand 3:28
2. Retinal 4:09
3. Spy In The House Of Love 3:30
4. Believe 4:26
5. Carlotta 6:33
6. Veil 6:17
7. Blood Knot 6:17
8. Breathe 3:51
9. Factor Of 10 4:30
10. Dive Inside 5:36
11. River Of Fire 4:50

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Dark, haunted, obsessional, confessional, confrontational, seductive, sonically uncompromising, psychologically probing, unapologetically intense. Percy Howard’s Meridiem explores uncomfortable corners of the human psyche, his soaring gospel-tinted classically trained voice threading through deeply etched improvisational textures with an intensity that borders on the psychotic. Robert Rich’s surrealist sonic landscape wraps a velvet texture around Meridiem’s shadowy pulsating heart. With contributions from Jarboe (Swans, Living Jarboe), Bill Laswell, Eraldo Bernocchi, Haroun Serang, Edo Castro, Ricky Carter, and many others, Meridiem’s “A Scattering Time” rewards repeated listening with its unforgettable lingering mood.
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