Omenya: Kali Mantras


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1. Where The Temple Stands 10:05
2. An Holy Hex 14:21
3. Drawing Down 24:12
4. Our Shadows Pass 16:58
5. Black (A Subliminal Hymn) 13:23

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Omenya is the solo project of Mark Davis, a musician and visual artist who lives in the forested mountains of North Carolina, USA. Kali Mantras is his fourth album, following releases for Klanggalerie (Austria), Tantric Harmonies (Russia), and Purple Soil (Czech Republic). Although he cites Zoviet France and Rapoon as inspirations, Davis’ music is imbued with a silky richness that sets it apart from the angular starkness of the more well known British acts. Kali Mantras is a hypnotic blend of organic rhythms and ambient electronics, infused with ritual chant and minimalist atmospheres. It evokes the golden glow of warm autumn sunlight filtered through trees, or the quiet time just before dawn, when the eastern sky traces a jagged silhouette above a dewy mountain meadow. The five long tracks of the album carry the listener through a dreaming wakefulness, transporting us from nature’s earthly temple into humankind’s highly developed spiritual ceremonies, and finally returning us to our own perfect place, surrounded by long blue waves of comfort and tranquility. The packaging for this CD is hand printed and assembled in India, giving it a rustic and handmade feel entirely appropriate for the music it contains.
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